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Workplace safety auditing does more than just ensure compliance with the various acts and regulations governing occupational health and safety (WHS/OHS); it ensures that employees are kept healthy, injury-free and productive.
Australian Risk Services (ARS) has over 20 years experience providing strategic commercial risk management and safety auditing services to a diverse range of industries. We conduct Safety, Environmental and Quality audits for AS 4801, ISO 18001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. We provide integrated risk management solutions for clients.
Minimising (OHS) risks in the workplace protects personnel and capital goods, and maximises productivity.
Independent, external safety auditing can thoroughly and systematically:
Identify existing hazards
Identify potential hazards before they have the chance to become dangerous
Help in developing risk-reduction plans that can be practically implemented.

safety auditing

Ethical and Financial Obligation

A Legal, Ethical and Financial Obligation

From an organisational perspective, safety auditing is a crucial business process. Identification of hazards and the resulting planning:
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External Safety Auditing

Benefits of External Safety Auditing

Although employees are most familiar with the layout and equipment used in their workplace, an independent viewpoint is important in order to ensure a truly comprehensive assessment.
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Industry Experience

Industry Experience

OHS risks are present in all work environments; from schools to mines, from retail to logistics.
ARS has provided safety auditing services for a diverse range of industries, including:
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Range of Safety Auditing Services

We provide our diverse clients with services that include:
Gap Analysis
This pre-audit program identifies gaps in management systems and highlights areas that need improvement. This helps an organisation to meet Australian and international compliance standards.


Safety standard programs
That Protect Your Organisation
ARS offers a number of safety standard programs, like the AS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) and a program developed by WorkSafe Australia.
The importance of OHS cannot be understated. Implementing a robust and comprehensive OHSMS presents legal, financial, ethical and industrial relations benefits. It protects workers and companies, boosts employee morale, and reassures investors and clients.

AS 4801


The AS 4801 OHSMS, published by Standards Australia, details what an organisation is required to do in order to develop policies and objectives relating to the OHS hazards and risks over which it has control.

OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001 liOHS Management System Compliance

The program allows organisations to measure their current performance and compare it to a recognised benchmark, gain recognition for the standards achieved, and implement a cycle of continuous improvement.


ARS: Experienced Auditors

The ability to account for all of these dynamics requires intelligence and experience. Not only up-to-date with the latest news and legislation relating to risk assessment and management, ARS has provided safety auditing services.

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Our Process
ARS provides third party assurance that the wellbeing of employees is placed at top priority via its external safety auditing service. The service is structured by the Safety Auditing Programs and AS 4801, Legal due diligence programs and independant Safety Standard Programs.
This service involves criteria which enable the measurement of the performance of each of the clients OHS programs, comparing it with recognised benchmarks. It does this by identifying relevant legislative and regulatory requirements as well as potential risks within the clients unique workplace environment.
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