4801 Transition

AS 4801 And ISO 18001 Transition to ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is the world’s first international OHS standard, currently being developed and gradually implemented in businesses throughout Australia. ISO 45001 places a greater focus on community safety outside of the workplace, requiring a completely different approach to safety by businesses and other stakeholders. Australian Risk Services are the team you can rely on for a smooth transition from AS 4801 and ISO 18001 to ISO 45001.


ISO 45001 has been designed to be the leading international standard in OHS, being suitable for organisations of all sizes. The result of a collaboration between more than 70 countries, ISO 45001 manages health and safety risks, minimises accidents, assist with legal compliance, and boosts organisational performance.

Implication for Organizations

The implementation of ISO 45001 will take adjustment and professional guidance. Organisations looking to improve their performance and safety should contact Australian Risk Services to assist with the transition from their existing OHS practices to the newly-designed international standards.

Safety Audit: If your Organization Ready?

The safety audits conducted by Australian Risk Services are thorough and in line with industry standards, ensuring the risk of accidents is minimised. Common issues that are identified during safety audits include electrical safety hazards, housekeeping concerns such as cluttered work areas or trip hazards, inadequate equipment guarding and unlabelled chemicals. Ensure you are ready for your safety audit by attending to these issues before contacting Australian Risk Services for your complete audit.
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