External Safety Audits

External Safety Audits

Make sure your worksite is in the safest condition possible with a detailed and independent assessment. Able to look past overlooked details external safety audits can identify otherwise unknown issues and problems before they cause damage, injury, and even death. Our comprehensive external safety audits can save companies both time and money by helping to prevent loss of production and litigation. All safety audits conducted by our team adhere to current OHS safety standards and regulations, ensuring that the recommendations we make in our report will prevent you from incurring fines.

Benefits of External Safety Auditing

Although employees are most familiar with the layout and equipment used in their workplace, an independent viewpoint is important in order to ensure a truly comprehensive assessment. By engaging a specialist from Australian Risk Services your site will benefit from:
  • An objective perspective, which is important in identifying all risks around the workplace
  • Specialist knowledge and experience, which allows us to recognise hazards that you may not have identified as an OHS issue
  • Specialist OHS expertise from a company that is dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest standards, legislation and programs
  • To learn more about our commitment to remaining accredited exemplar global lead auditors or to arrange for one of our audit team members to conduct an inspection on your site

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